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Reading books – you fill your life with colours and emotions. But that paint was bright and positive emotions – the book must be correct. For anybody not a secret that today on the shelves of bookstores you can find a lot of nonsense, fit only for the fireplace. We make it easy for you to search and offer to read the following books: "And it's destruction" – chinua achebe – a story about a warrior tribe who can't adapt to the society in terms of the colonialist regime. - "Pride and prejudice" Jane Austen – a young girl dreaming of marriage, venerable mothers, not sparkling mind, a selfish beauty who thinks they are allowed to dispose of the destinies of other people – this is the world of the heroes of Jane Austen. - Wuthering heights – Emily Bronte – this one's full of love and hate the story of the fateful passion of Heathcliff, the adopted son of the owner of the manor Wuthering heights, the daughter of the master of Catherine - "Nostromo" – Joseph Conrad – the novel tells about the liberation struggle of the fictional South American country of Costaguana. - "The Karamazov brothers" – F. M. Dostoevsky – the Three brothers "busy resolving questions about the root causes and ultimate goals of life", and each of them makes their own choices, in their own way trying to answer the question about God and the immortality of the soul.

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